The thunder of your blood,

you fall down,

you see a door,

you knock on it

you move your hand off the door.

Your knuckles are bleeding,

you get sucked into a portal of madness,

you say to yourself, the lights are out,

the feast is over.

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I try to think of three mad things before breakfast.

Who am I?  It’s you!

You’re late.  There’s no room.  Nevermind,
would you like some wine?

There is no wine.

How rude!  It’s your fault, you know!

Number one, you’re rude for no reason.
Number two, you never share.
Number three, it’s always tea time!

By Kenneth Hile

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Three Deadly Sins

A crew of sailors play on the devil’s dance floor. they ride around four seas
and end up in a pit in the sea. and they go to hell where they belong,  that’s three deadly sins.
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Home Run

I feel the cool grass on my feet

the feel of the smooth ball

the smell of wood in the air.

The field sand.

The mitt is your soul.

We watch over the field.

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Peek of Death

Peek of Death

The simple centurion

goes to him.

who is he?

you think.

his helm of darkness his eyes of flame,

he plays with your soul,

like a treat.

He says

“remember me.”

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What is Thunderous Words

This is my blog.  I am trying to write one poem a day every day for one year.  I’m 9 years old, so keep that in mind.  My Mom and Dad are both doing this challenge too and I thought it was a cool idea. So I’m doing it too!

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